Movie Review: Hot Girls Wanted

Every so often I watch a documentary about pornography. I have no problem admitting that I watch pornography, although it’s not really an admission because realistically, 95% of you who are reading this also do it and the other 5% are lying. See, I like to at least try and educate myself on a variety of topics and pornography is probably one of the most interesting ones, because sexuality is at the heart of many art forms and many of the greatest artistic pieces feature sexuality in a prominent role, and what other medium features sexuality – or a semblance thereof – as heavily as porn? Also, I feel that pornography somewhat dehumanizes the people who appear in it, so once every couple of months or years, it’s worth reminding myself that these are actual people who made choices that lead them to these situations.

That being said, Hot Girls Wanted is not really a good documentary. Its stated goal is to explore the world of pro-am pornography. Pro-am stands for professional amateurs. It’s basically the type of pornography that appears to being made by 18-20 year old amateurs who just happen to be featured in a sex-tape because they’re short on cash. In reality, they’re young women who willingly applied for these jobs in order to earn some money, and they usually stay in the industry for less than a year, with most dropping out after less than 6 months.

The problem with this documentary however is that it only really follows the proceedings of one group of women who all work for the same dude. A man who, by the way, needlessly incorporates all the worst aspects of a human being you could imagine for what basically amounts to a pimp. That’s not to say that he alone is to blame. While he is very candid and perfectly happy in admitting that he won’t run out of work because he’ll always have a new 18-year-old applying for the job once someone else quits, the girls don’t do themselves any favors. The way they talk and the obvious stupidity that they radiate makes it hard to sympathize with them.

The documentary does try to tug at our heart strings by showing the family life of a girl who, despite having a boyfriend, works in the porn industry and has to deal with both him and her disapproving mother – her father doesn’t know anything about it, obviously. But then you hear her talk about how she has sex without a condom and doesn’t use any birth control and justifies that by saying that the guys she works with don’t ejaculate into her vagina, displaying a staggering amount of ignorance towards what actually happens during sex, especially for someone who chose to work professionally in the field where you’re supposed to know a thing or two about sex. Never mind the “intervention” in the movie, where her mother and boyfriend basically force her to quit the industry, which is so laughably staged that it wouldn’t look out of place in one of those shitty scripted reality shows.

Other highlights include one girl defending degrading forced blowjob porn, whose aim it is to make the girls vomit, by claiming that people watching her go through that might get their rocks off enough to not go out and actually do it to another woman. You know, she wants to be a martyr and all. And a third one who just relishes in the fact that she gets to play this sex-positive naughty character when in real-life she had a possibly traumatic experience that makes her claim that she cannot get sexually intimate with another man outside of her work.

I feel that the documentary is a bit too biased for my taste. It went for a lot of shock value and was obviously made by people who don’t have a fondness of porn. It’s also worth mentioning that about 80% of the crew that made this documentary was female, along with both directors, so maybe that has something to do with it.

In any case, I thought that it was an incredibly narrow look at a field of pornography that seems to be one of the most popular and profitable. I’m not really into it since I don’t think barely experienced 18-year-olds are all that attractive, but my personal fetishes aren’t really important here. What is important is that the filmmakers very obviously had an agenda they wanted to push, which is evident from the way the film is structured and shot. Now I’m not here to defend the porn industry, I have an ambivalent stance towards it at the best of times, but this documentary wanted to make me feel bad for what basically amounts to a group of naïve girls who thought that in an age where an estimated 60% of young women have been part of a sex-tape, making porn will somehow lead to big money and fame instead of long shopping lists for sex toys, clothing and travel expenses. Not to mention all the costs for their health. So yeah, not really impressed by Hot Girls Wanted.


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