Game Review: Qora

Walking in 16-bit.

Developer: Holden Boyles, Ciprian Stanciu
Publisher: Curve Digital
Platforms: Microsoft Windows (reviewed), Mac OS
Available on: Steam

I’m not sure there’s a lot to say about this game. In spite of it’s gorgeous pixel graphics, it’s pretty much just a 2D walking simulator. You walk from one end of the world to the next with minimal input. And even that is just a “continue game” button, sometimes cutting grass or smashing rocks that block your path, sometimes you have to press up or down to either climb or descend someplace and rarely you use a pre-animated jump, so there’s no actual way for you to fail the game and there’s nothing being tested about you.

I guess the draw about this game and the reason I enjoyed my 2 hours with it in spite of the lacking gameplay is the great atmosphere the game has. The visuals are enhanced by a beautiful score that captures and amplifies the mood of the scene painted by the visuals.

There’s also some writing in here and it seems to straddle the line between tongue-in-cheek writing seen in many older games and some more somber themes. But as a whole it’s still more on the upbeat side, especially given the ending.

If I’m struggling to elaborate any further on the game, it’s because it’s fairly insubstantial, which is typical for walking simulators. If you know what you get yourself into with these games, I’d definitely recommend it, although not for the $10 price tag it has.


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