Pixel Art: Warrior

I’ve started numerous attempts at getting into pixel art but never managed to produce anything I liked, so I quickly abandoned it again. But that particular bug bit me once more and I tried to prepare myself by looking up some tutorials on character design, coloring, animation and all the basics and I finally managed to come up with something that I think is decent. Behold, my masterpiece.

Ok, it’s not much and certainly isn’t original. It’s just some horned warrior standing in place. I am however rather proud of this idle animation, since it’s my first ever attempt at animating anything in pixel art.

I also went a little bit further and attempted my first walk cycle ever and even though I think it doesn’t look perfect, it’s at least serviceable.

I also tried to implement this walk cycle into a scene which also doubles as an exercise in making terrain tiles as well as mountains.

While composing this article, I realized that I didn’t have a header picture to accompany it, so I spent the last couple of hours as an additional exercise to rectify that fact and made this little piece inspired by the paintings of Bob Ross. It was really interesting to use both pixel art methods and the things I’ve learnt from watching his TV show over the years. Here’s the scene without the floating title.