This space is mainly intended to collect a variety of stuff I post around the Internet. You’ll find game reviews, movie reviews, some pathetic attempts at visual artistry and the occasional ramblings of a madman here.

Who the hell are you?

I am the God Emperor Leto Atreides II, ruler of the known universe and sole remaining source of the spice (told ya I’m a madman). As you might infer from that brief description, I’m a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels, that’s why I chose this particular internet handle. I am your typical twentysomething internet nerd from Switzerland who grew up during the NEStalgia era, while watching the best cartoons TV had on offer back when Cartoon Network still rocked. Proud card-carrying member of the PC Gaming Master Race </sarcasm> and a big fan of basically all movies except romantic comedies as long as they’re good and entertaining. So I’m like every other fat nerd with a DSL connection and an inferiority complex, trying to compensate for my social ineptness under the delusion that people on the Internet give a shit about what I might have to say.

What is Pile of Shame?

If you’re a gamer, you might be aware of the concept of the pile of shame. It basically consists out of all the games you’ve bought over the years and never touched; they tend to pile up. Especially as PC gamers, we profit from very deep discounts on a regular basis as well as a plethora of game bundles, so it’s only logical that some games among those won’t get played for a variety of reasons. My goal with Pile of Shame is to at least play the first 30 minutes of every title I own in order to judge if the investment has been worthwhile. At the moment I intend to make this a weekly series with a new video uploaded every Monday.


What’s up with the indie game reviews?

I write for a small German-language website that exclusively covers indie games. As such, I receive pre-release copies of all the games I critique. But since my reviews are written in German, the audience I’m able to reach is comparatively small. That’s why I also write English-language versions that don’t necessarily adhere to the very strict guidelines I have to follow for the German-language reviews and I publish them both on Steam as well as here. It’s mostly a way for me to practice my English writing skills.

Outside of these indie game reviews, I will also be writing reviews for any other type of game if I finish one. Those games will not be provided by developers or publishers, so you can assume that I paid out of my own pocket for these games.

Ethics policy

All game reviews written with the aid of a copy that was provided by the developer or publisher of the game for review purposes carry a corresponding notice. I am in no way affiliated with any part of the gaming industry outside of my work as a critic for the aforementioned German-language website. I don’t have any relationships with individuals working at publishers or developers and I generally don’t support developers through means of crowdfunding. Therefore I believe that my conduct in this regard does not lead to any particular conflict of interest. However should an instance arise where private matters could potentially influence my views on a game, I will hold myself accountable for either providing the necessary disclosure or I will recuse myself from covering the title(s) in question.


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