3D Render: Piano Keys

Some light modelling work. I wanted to see how easy it would be to create some piano keys. I haven’t modeled the entire piano, just the keyboard. And I finally cranked up the settings to the absolute maximum for this render. Took about an hour to render on my new PC so I’m not too sad about that and the result sort of justifies the time.

3D Render: Tape

Some new 3D modelling, and again it’s old-school technology. Took longer than anticipated, because for some reason, Cinema 4D refused to work properly when doing certain things on some parts of the surface that went without a hitch on other parts. I’ll have to look into that.

3D Render: Floppy Disk

Some more basic modelling in order to achieve proper round shapes, as well as learning how to properly break up surfaces without using boolean calculations. For example, the arrow in the top left corner of the floppy disk. I would’ve used to just make an arrow, intersect the arrow with the disk and then cut out the intersection. This time around, I used the knife tool to actually create an arrow shaped polygon in order to extrude it into the shape itself. Makes life easier because boolean calculations tend to be very messy and require a lot of clean-up after you do them.

3D Render: 80’s Neon Kitsch

I’ve already mentioned that I’m about to start a podcast and I’m currently working on an intro animation. As a kind of proof of concept, I exported a single frame of that animation from my 3D software and basically did all the post-production on it. Believe it or not, but the grid you see there is entirely black and white, all the colors are added on later in After Effects. Same thing goes for the chromatic aberration, the lens distortion, the grain, scanlines and the sky. The text is an entirely different 3D render that’s layered on top of the landscape. Hopefully, my partner likes this idea so I can go ahead and make an actual video version of it. Because I have to say, I’m quite proud of myself for making something conceptual and making it look this authentic. I’m sure there are ways I could improve it, but it’s the first time I ever attempted to make something thematic like this and have a result that matches my expectations.

3D Render: Cubic Doodle

Sometimes it’s good to just goof around. I spent quite a lot of time on that Orrery where I had to maintain focus and concentrate on a lot of details. So here’s basically a 3D version of doodling around, taking a cube and extruding all sorts of shapes out of it until it looks interesting. I think the quasi isometric projection also makes it cool to look at. The longer you stare at it, the harder the actual cube becomes to see and it sort of seems like something made by MC Escher.